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a creative writer interested in the rhythm of the written word.

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I’m writing an article about how live-stats are collected on medium and need more data on when people clap but don’t read an article, with specific analysis focused on claps-per-fan, claps-per-view, read-time-to-claps ratios…etc.

So, this is a call for reader’s but maybe that is a bit misleading. I want people to clap and *not* read my work.

The claps-per-read ratio and other granular analytics that medium shares with us seem to have hidden potential and I want to better understand what happens when someone gives a little boost but doesn’t read the whole story.

Any stories of mine that you…

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash

Micah slouched for the cameras, aiming for impatience with a touch of indifference, as they stood inside the bank atrium at the ATM kiosk. “C’mon gimmie my money,” they said, hiding in plain sight, playing impatient for the security mics embedded in the walls.

Samson had been the one to clue them into the mics. Samson, and his inside man, telling Micah to mumble, act impatient, be uncool. Samson knew the codes, knew the building and its pattern recognition software, so Micah played along. Smash and grab had always been the M.O., …

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The deep woods are quiet…quiet enough to hear highway 24 in the distance, faint shouts — tourists extolling the virtue of their first deer sighting and their first glimpse of Pikes Peak, and a Ford RS with too much oxygen intake as it backfires like a constant firecracker.

The park is owned by the city of Colorado Springs, and like all city parks, it is possible to both get away and be constantly enveloped by the larger human presence.

The trails look clean but the watershed off rampart range road is sprinkled with old tires and broken beer bottles. Repeated…

(a poem)

Photo by Laura Crowe on Unsplash

The newspaper headline read, “Love Blossomed Quickly.” Walking down the corridor it caught my eye. I thought of patterns and repeating symbols, of self-similar breakthroughs in technology and design. The kind of inventions that led to the printing press, the saltshaker, the automatic sprinkler, and the touch screen.

Patterns of thought and effort. Of love and emotion. We find ourselves surfing; riding waves generated by past faults fractured along our soul’s long journey. It’s like the difference between a misthreaded feather and a gum wrapper. Both are junk to those who need them not, but ask the bird…

Photo by Mandy Choi on Unsplash

— daylight arrived later than expected. He’d thought it was his clocks at first but had he actually hit his head?

No lump though and no gap in his memory. That left only one option, and it wasn’t one he relished to consider.

To test his suspicions was risky. If proven true it would set all previous paranoia aside. He clicked on his broad-spectrum radio and sent a ping. When no reply was forthcoming immediately, then he knew. He had become unrooted in time.

In the distance he could hear the call of his nation’s mortal enemy, {ogres}, searching for…

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I thirst
for the attention but
when it comes
it’s just

rejection letter.

Sex saves the world, or
Robots learn poetry;
or learn it’s
always tough to spell
(a short story that begins mid-breath)

Or, a snazzy bit of posturing with
problem to solve
(a diatribe that begins mid-thought)

Or, a new day
of research,
days for days
when you want to

{Back up}

that whole time
living on Earth
and here’s the complication,

Step out of the car and focus

my car has nothing to do with that
’cause if I smoked
I’d smash those butts
in the ashtray…

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“Stand back! This is science, folks.”

This is a photo of the homemade telescope rig used to observe the partial eclipse of the Sun, May 20th, 2012. In the photo, you can see a telescope projecting the sun’s shape, as the moon moved across it, onto a white piece of foam core. The shadow of the car door blocks transverse sunlight from hitting the foam core so the projection is crisp and the only light source to land upon the surface is transmuted through the telescope first.

The challenge with the photograph was to set the exposure so it captured the details of the eclipse in…

An Empty World

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

Star-dark and luck blind, the land sat under perpetual cloud cover. The planet so tilted on its axis the day-night cycle varied by as much as sixty-two weeks. When the sunlight hits it filtered through layer upon layers of electrically charged vapor. Never-ending clouds and yet the milky light inevitably still reached the ground, tangled and disoriented; photons broken loose from charged particles, renegade electrons, ions, and rogue atoms all sparking off crystal cactus which dotted the land.

In the night, in the long month of cold, the cactus glowed with stored energy, as the electrical storms slapped lightning to…

bradley flora

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